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Your Demise

Your Demise

Ed McRae – Vocals
Stu Paice – Guitar
Ozzy 'Danny Panic Lips' Porkchop – Guitar
Jimmy Sampson – Bass
James Tailby – Drums

Management - Leander Gloversmith
Booking - Adam Sylvester with The Agency Group


The Golden Age
RELEASE DATE: Mar 27, 2012


@YourDemise - Jun 11, 2013

Just to quell the rumours out there, it's Bar School 101 playing at GHOSTFEST OFFICIAL FAN PAGE. Check out the... http://t.co/UOkj92NqKg

@YourDemise - Jun 11, 2013

Photoset: jordangreen: Your Demise // Koko, London It was Jim’s birthday as well so they surprised him with... http://t.co/pwoaEd7t6K

@YourDemise - Jun 11, 2013

RT @probablynotliam: Today is a @YourDemise appreciation day just like every day is


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