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A Textbook Tragedy

A Textbook Tragedy

Chris Bahris – Vocals
Kai Turmann – Guitar/Vocals
Nick 'Pede' Yacyshyn – Drums
Bill Crook – Bass/Vocals
Adam Christianson – Guitar

Combining aggressive and technical metal with grass-roots hardcore energy, Vancouver’s, A Textbook Tragedy are making big waves in the Canadian music scene. Formed in 2004, the band has spent their post high-school years relentlessly touring across North America, playing alongside some of the biggest names in heavy music including; All That Remains, The Acacia Strain, Misery Signals, Emmure, Comeback Kid, Ion Dissonance, and Despised Icon. Their independently released debut album “A Partial Dialogue Between Ghost and Priest” (released in July 05’) earned them rave reviews and has sold well over 2000 copies in Canada and worldwide.

In Spring 07’, A Textbook Tragedy saw the need for a dedicated vocalist to help take their sound and chaotic live show to a whole new level. To help accomplish these goals, the original foursome enlisted singer Chris Bahris. With their roster finalized, the band acquired the talents of Winnipeg producer John Paul Peters to record their sophomore release. Showcasing mature songwriting and brutally heavy instrumentals, A Textbook Tragedy’s latest release entitled “Intimidator,” is by far the bands best work to date. Vocally, the album is a co-operative effort between new vocalist Chris, and guitarist Kai Turmann (who previously held all vocal duties). The dual layered vocals add a unique energy and texture to the album. Rhythmically, the album features the percussive mastery of drummer Nick Yacyshyn who has been considered one of the best young drummers in Canada.

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A Textbook Tragedy's new EP titled, 'Rain City State Of Mind', will be available exclusively on iTunes and Distort Digital, June 23, 2009!


Rain City State Of Mind
RELEASE DATE: Jun 23, 2009
RELEASE DATE: Mar 4, 2008


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