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The Gorgeous

The Gorgeous

Dali Shaw – Guitar
Julien Brousseau – Bass
Jordan Daniel – Vocals
Miguel Show – Drums

A five piece hardcore outfit from the west coast, the gorgeous was formed by songwriter Dali Shaw. Dali, with previously written material (the skyline shoreline demo) recruited several other members to fill out the music and bring his songs to the stage. His brother and musical counterpart Miguel Shaw, and Miguel’s best friend Julien Brousseau were invited to Jam in the basement where the three of them had grown as musicians. The trio flourished with the material Dali had prepared and in a matter of a few weeks they were playing shows and in search of a vocalist. Jordon had spent time fronting for a few other bands in the area and was very please when the gorgeous invited him back after an eminent tryout.

The group armed only with their demo and a mini van head out across the vast and plentiful countryside turning heads left and right as they covered the cold road in motor oil and spit. The crew of boys found a Mecca and basin where they were willing to wash their dirty dark denim and stringing hair. They planted seed in the greater Montreal area and it grew, with the addition of a second guitarist Hal Ferris, into what it has become today.

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It was said by them to be a long and cold winter spent in a room panted in a spectrum of colors copious enough to color in the lines of their already rich history as a band. There the gorgeous spent their time writing “great lakes”.

And so...

“Thirty-nine minutes, forty-two seconds of undeniable restlessness put towards a greater good. An entire year worth of collected minutes and uncounted moments gathered together to create an album that shouldn’t exist. Every time you woke up to check the time, only to find you had two more minutes of sleep, they were busy at work. Every second you shaved off of your morning routine before school, was give to us to make this. Every dollar you lost to your sofa or charitied to a man holding out his cup, we stole to pay for it. The album is called the great lakes because we’ve squandered everything we’ve had or were given and gave nothing in return but also expected nothing to return. We made it because we love it, even if it doesn’t love us back.


Great Lakes
RELEASE DATE: Nov 22, 2005


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