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Brennan Taulbee – Vocals
Kolby Cridder – Bass
Denny Agosto – Drums
Jack Burns – Guitar
Alex Schultz – Guitar

Following up their 2008 release of The Tide with a frontman and drummer change, Oceana hit the heavy music scene hard again in 2009 with their Sophomore release titled BIRTHEATER... This time around they pushed the envelope, breaking through with a much more mature sound and bringing their fans a record of 21st Century post-hardcore at it's finest. New frontman Brennan Taulbee's voice dominates, moving gracefully from brutal screams to brilliant melodies coinciding with the fluctuation from heavy riffs to ethereal guitar work and the driving low-end and drumming. BIRTHEATER isn't just another metalcore album on the shelf next to all the other young bands out there. Oceana is changing the tide, producing heavy, ambient rock that is mature beyond their years. They will dominate the music world and they will dominate you. Many know that Oceana took a small break in 2009 but they are back and better than ever. The band hits Glow in The Dark Studio with Matt Goldman (Underoath, As Cities Burn, Drop Dead Gorgeous) January 2010 to record a follow-up EP to Birtheater and prove to all their fans they they are indeed BACK.


Birth.Eater/Clean Head
RELEASE DATE: May 4, 2010


The Family Disease