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Apr 27, 2015
Comeback Kid Release 'Rain City Sessions +1' Digitally

Comeback Kid Release 'Rain City Sessions +1' Digitally

In celebration of Record Store Day,Canadian hardcore legendsComeback Kid have released “Rain City Sessions +1” recorded at Vancouver's Rain City Recorders in May of 2014. The album concludes with their cover of Nirvana’s “Territorial Pissings”. Showcasing Andrew Neufeld’s vocal range and complete dominance of each word spat, enjoy a grunge classic, redone by hardcore revolutionaries.

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Of the cover, vocalist, Neufeld,shares, “We recorded the cover for "Territorial Pissings" while inthe studio for our last album's Die Knowing sessions. We've sat on the song forover a year now and were able to include it in the ‘Rain City Sessions + 1’Record Store Day 10 inch.”

He continues, “‘Territorial Pissings’in my eyes has always been the most aggressive Nirvana song and we had wantedto cover it for a while. It started with just jamming it during soundcheck,which led to it creeping into our sets, and we recorded it on a whim…keepingtrue to its original form. We didn't mess with it much just tried to do itjustice.”



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